The LTE2295 lighting fixture is installed on the front bumper, roof, and sides of vehicles. It is suitable for high-power lighting use on outdoor off-road vehicles, engineering vehicles, fire trucks, and other special vehicles


LTE2295 is installed on the front bumper, roof, and both sides of the car, and is suitable for high-power lighting of special vehicles such as outdoor off-road vehicles, engineering vehicles, and fire trucks.


The light housing is made of aluminum ally material with excellent thermal conductivity performance to ensure the long lifespan service;
Reliable and efficient lighting with advanced LED technology for spot and flood design;
9-32V wide voltage input range, applicable to a variety of models.
High end design for high performance, add TVS protection, over/under voltage protection, reverse polarity protection and real time temperature monitoring
2sides mounting bracket is equipped with an adjustment chuck, customers can adjust the angle of the lamps in multiple directions.
Hard solid PC lens. The high-strength hard pc mask has a light transmittance of more than 89%, is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and will not appear the phenomenon of grinding and cracking of ordinary mask.
IP66 waterproof sealed, waterproof and dustproof easy to deal with any harsh environment.
Used for high-power lighting of off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, ATVs, engineering vehicles, etc.
Rated voltage: DC9-32V
Rated power: 160W
Working temperature: -40~50℃
Waterproof: IP66
Lighting distance: 330m
Exposed wire length(mm):300mm

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